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Ali Mansour

Ali Mansour (Arabic: علي منصور‎; born on 4 February 1988 in France) is an Egyptian actor and tour guide.
Participated in ''Napoleon wal Mahroussa'' – 2012 as French general,
and ''Saraya Abdeen'' – 2015 as French photographer.

Early life
Ali was born in France on February 4, 1988 to an Egyptian father and a Syrian mother, he graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, and played as a child in Paris Saint-Germain F.C. football club . In 2015 Ali moved to live in Alexandria, Egypt.

He started his artistic career in 2012 through the series Napoleon wal Mahroussa, in which he played a French general, his upbringing in France and speaking the French language helped him fulfill this role. He continued to act in serials of a historical nature as French Character until 2015 in the role of the French photographer in the series Saraya Abdeen Season 2. And he has stated that he is lucky to work with Yousra.

Napoleon wal Mahroussa – 2012 (television series)
Saraya Abdeen – 2015 (television series)
Salem Abu Okhto – 2014 - (film)
Saheb El Saa'da – 2014 - (television series)
Alwan Elteif – 2015 - (television series)

In 2019 until now, he known in Egypt for promoting tourism to Egypt, Supports Egyptian tourism, showing places and beauty in Egypt. And it had an impact on Egyptian tourism and its revitalization. in media, newspapers and news sites wrote about him For its impact on Egyptian tourism. and appeared on TV and radio.

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